Slopes at Ylläs

Stunning northern slopes

Ylläs Ski Resort, Äkäs­lom­polo

There are slopes to both the north and the west from the northern side of the Ylläs fell. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy unforgettable landscapes over the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, with colours and an atmosphere that change constantly as the times of day and seasons change.

Three-kilometre wide slope area

Slopes from north to west

From Äkäslompolo, you can reach the top of Ylläs with the Kuru lift. There are slopes on both sides of the lift, taking you towards the famous Varkaankuru area. The other slopes starting above the tree level start from a plateau about 70 metres below the peak. The area of the ski resort is three kilometres wide, and there are slopes in the area between the north and the west. The westernmost slope – Lännenlevelä – is up to 200 metres wide, welcoming skiers to test their side slipping skills and feel the pull of the g-force! You can ride back up on the four-person Aurinko Express chair lift.

Nostalgic Varkaankuru

Vastness of a bare fell

The main substation of Äkäslompolo, Y1 Service Centre, is located near the tree line, at an altitude 400 metres, and the northern bare fell area of Ylläs rises above it in all its glory. Varkaankuru is perhaps the most famous individual slope area of the fell, and its steep walls could tell a thousand stories of the early days of Finnish ski touring. Natural snow remains on its slopes for the longest in the spring, and it has the most stunning views in all of Ylläs.

For children, beginners, pleasure seekers and extreme sports enthusiasts

Experiences for all ages and skill levels

The wide-ranging ski resort area of Äkäslompolo can be crossed either by using the T-bar lifts and the Aurinko Express chair lift that run to the bare fell or by staying in the lower part and riding the easy-to-use platter lifts. Slope profiles range from very steep to very gentle, and the more gentle slopes near the base are perfect for children and beginners. There are lifts and slopes for all skills levels across the vast ski resort area. Small children and beginners have their own training area with a free carpet lift and rope tow.

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