Equipment rental

Rental shops at Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo

Our professional, high-quality rental shops on both sides of the Ylläs fell guarantee a carefree snow holiday for all visitors. You can visit the service centre to receive help from our friendly experts or rent your equipment conveniently in advance online and simply pick up your customised skiing gear at the pickup point of the ski resort where you intend to start your activities.

Equipment rental services at the Ylläsjärvi ski resort area available at Hill Ski Rent and Saaga Ski Rental, and at the Äkäslompolo ski resort, at Y1 Ski Rental, which also offers equipment maintenance.

Equipment rental


At the Ylläsjärvi ski resort, rental services are offered by the extensive HILL Ski Rent in the Taiga building and the compact and expert Saaga Ski Rental that is located at Lapland Hotels Saaga. You can reserve your equipment in advance online from both of these rental shops.

Equipment rental and service


The professional and high-quality Y1 Ski Rental is located on the ground floor of the Y1 service centre at Ylläs Ski Resort Äkäslompolo. You can choose and rent your equipment at the ski resort or reserve them online in advance and pick them up when you arrive. The ticket office, Ski Shop and equipment service centre are located in the same building.

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