Ylläs Ski Resort is investing approximately three million euros in the development of slopes on the Ylläsjärvi side. Sustainability has been an important priority in the investments. The new equipment saves water and energy. In 2021, we have focused on sustainability even more than before, and our aim is to become a carbon-neutral ski resort by 2025.



renewable energy

Both ski resorts – Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo – run on fully renewable energy.


investment project

Within the investment project, the Gondola slope received a fully automated snowmaking system and LED lighting. The new system increased the snowmaking capacity by approximately 35 per cent. The automated system is more energy-efficient than the old one and saves both water and electricity. The project has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund.


snow groomer

An example of the new equipment purchased within the investment scheme is the hybrid snow groomer PistenBully 600E+. The new PistenBully 600E+ produces less noise and exhaust fumes and is more environmentally friendly than earlier models. Thanks to its hybrid power line, it uses less fuel and cuts down CO2 emissions by 20 per cent compared to regular snow groomers.


carbon footprint

The carbon footprint was calculated as part of the TOBE low carbon project. Ylläs Ski Resort has also participated in TOBE1 training events that focused on sustainable business.


solar panels

Café Gondoli at Ylläs top has solar panels on its roof, supplying energy for the café and the gondola top station.

Social responsibility

Every year, we offer season passes to local preschoolers in Kolari. In addition, all school children in Kolari receive one free day pass per year, and children in municipal day care receive a free tour.

The majority of our personnel are from the local community, and our objective is to maintain operations all year round so that we can offer permanent employment. We have succeeded in growing our services in the summer and remain open all year round.

In the 2021–2022 season, we will improve the recycling system of our company. We also want to encourage our customers to recycle as efficiently as possible.


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