Sauna gondola

unique experience

Enjoy the heat in the unique sauna gondola

The southern side of the fell offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience – a sauna gondola where you can enjoy the heat of an authentic Finnish sauna while riding the gondola lift amidst stunning scenery.

The sauna gondola fits up to four people at a time and one sauna tour lasts for about 20 minutes. The sauna gondola makes three tours, allowing up to 12 sauna-goers to ride in turn. If you wish, you can also buy additional tours.

When you book the sauna gondola tour, you also get access to the sauna at the top of the fell that is designed for 12 people. The sauna facilities have a lounge, showers, a sauna, a heated outdoor jacuzzi and splendid views. If you’re lucky and the sky is clear, you might even see the northern lights during your sauna night! Order the high-quality Lappi menu from restaurant Ylläskammi to perfect the sauna experience.

Sauna gondola and sauna facilities, EUR 1 500, incl. VAT 24 %.
The sauna at the top of the fell can also be booked without the gondola, prices start at EUR 250, incl. VAT 24 %.


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