Ylläs 1 Gondola is our pride and the number one ski lift in Finland

The gondola is open daily in the summer and winter seasons. However, the gondola cannot be used during storm or thunder.

The gondola lift takes visitors to the top of Ylläs, at 719 metres, in as fast as seven minutes. The gondola offers wonderful scenery in all seasons.

The use of the gondola is included in all lift tickets. You can enjoy the landscape from the top even without skis. The gondola tour ticket takes you both up and down. At the top, you will find a breathtaking view and two great restaurants, YlläsKammi and Gondol Pizza.

Each gondola cabin fits up to eight persons. The gondola lift is wheelchair accessible and can take a perambulator. Some of the cabins are dog friendly.


The gondola lift is also open in the summer, from around Midsummer until the start of October. The splendid routes of Ylläs Bike Park start from the top of the fell. You can take your bike to the top of the fell easily with the gondola lift. We highly recommend the gondola tour also in the summer, the landscape is stunning in all seasons. Restaurant YlläsKammi serves customers all year round, whenever the gondola lift is open.

In the summer, you can also choose to walk the other way and buy a single gondola ticket.

In the summer, you can admire the top of the Ylläs fell also along an accessible historic trail.


Tour in winter EUR 12/standard ticket, EUR 10/6–11-year-olds, over 65-year-olds and pensioners

Tour in summer EUR 15/normal ticket, EUR 10/6–11-year-olds.

Click on the link below to see the ski pass prices.

Frequently asked questions about the gondola

Why is the gondola closed?
– The most common reason why the gondola is closed is heavy wind, storm or thunder in the summer. We never close the gondola in an effort to save costs. The employees responsible for the gondola are at work the whole day even if the lift remains closed.

What is the wind limit for the gondola? Where can I see the wind forecast?
– There is no exact limit, because factors such as wind direction and gustiness affect the situation strongly. However, as a rule of thumb, if the wind rises to 13–16 m/s at the fell, the weather conditions are somewhat extreme for a safe gondola ride. Wind at ground level is not the same as wind at higher altitudes and, for example, if the wind forecast for the base is 4 m/s, the wind at the top is usually well over 10 m/s. There are no wind forecasts available for the fell areas. All forecasts apply to the ground level, which means they offer only a tentative idea of how strong the wind will be. The direction of the wind plays a key role on the fell. Although the other side of the fell would be almost windless, the wind can be very heavy on the other side.

The gondola is closed due to heavy wind. Is it possible that it will open later today?
– Yes, it is. If the weather conditions change, the lift will be opened in the middle of the day. The operators monitor elements such as the wind regularly and open the gondola if the weather permits.

Can I take a dog on the gondola?
– Yes. Some of the cabins are dog friendly. These cabins are marked with a dog icon. Please be considerate of people with allergies and only use the designated cabins.

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