Ylläs lift ticket price list

Lift ticket prices in the 2021–2022 season

The Ylläs lift ticket gives you access to the largest ski resort in Finland, with splendid scenery and unique conditions. You get access to the entire fell with one ticket!


Valid on 18 December 2021–9 January 2022 and 19 February 2022–end of season*

Ticket type Normal 6–11 years/pensioners/over 65 years
Tour 10€ 8€
Single ticket 7€ 5€
3 hours 42€ 24,50€
1 day 48€ 30,50€
2 days 87,50€ 53€
3 days 126,50€ 77,50€
4 days 158,50€ 97,50€
5 days 186,50€ 113€
5/7 days 199€ 119€
6 days 211€ 125€
7 days 226€ 135€
8 days 241,50€ 145€
9 days 257€ 155€
10 days 272,50€ 165€
Extra days after 10 days 15,50€ 10€
Key Card 7€ 7€
Season pass 476€ 311€
Season pass advance 374€ 279€


20 November–17 December 2021 and 10 January–18 February 2022

Ticket type Normal 6–11 years/pensioners/over 65 years
Tour 10€ 8€
Single ticket 7€ 5€
3 hours 38€ 22,50€
1 day 44€ 29€
2 days 80€ 49,50€
3 days 114€ 70€
4 days 142€ 88,50€
5 days 168€ 100,50€
5/7 days 179,50€ 106€
6 days 188€ 113€
7 days 203,50€ 123€
8 days 219€ 133€
9 days 234,50€ 143€
10 days 250€ 153€
Extra days after 10 days 15,50€ 10€

Ticket terms and conditions

Tickets are subject to a 10% VAT and the keycard 24% VAT. We reserve the right to change the prices.

*) The estimated season start date is in November and end date in early May. The opening hours of the lifts and slopes are subject to weather and conditions.

We comply with the general terms of contract of the Finnish Ski Area Association.

The early bird price of the season pass is valid until 6 December 2021.

Multiple-day lift tickets must always be used on consecutive days, with the exception of 3/4- and 6/7-day Super Skipasses and 5/7-day lift tickets. (For example, the 5/7-day pass can be used on any five days within a period of seven days.)

Ski passes are personal, except for the company ticket. The lift pass may have an electronic picture of it’s owner.

Children under the age of 6 ski free of charge when accompanied by an adult. Each child must wear a helmet. Please be prepared to verify the age of under 12-year-olds with, for example, a Kela card.

Under 65-year-olds get the senior citizens’ discount by showing a valid pensioner card.

We offer a group discount to groups with over 15 members, ask for more information via e-mail at info@iso-yllas.fi or yllas-ski@laplandhotels.com

All tickets are uploaded on the remote keycard (with the exception of the gondola tour, which is printed out on paper). The keycard is not included in the ticket price.

The gondola tour ticket is printed on paper, you do not need the keycard for it.

You need the keycard for single gondola tickets (not included in the price).

Keycards can be used multiple times. The lift ticket can be uploaded on SkiData series 01 and 30 keycards.

Sport vouchers are only accepted as a means of payment at the ticket offices. Sport vouchers are personal, which means they can only be used as payment for the holder’s own ticket. As an exception to other ticket terms and conditions, lift tickets that are paid for with sport vouchers cannot be refunded or returned.

The validity of passes bought at the ticket office starts on the day of purchase, unless otherwise mentioned at the time of purchase. In the online shop, the customer selects the start date.

Single lift tickets must be used on the day of purchase, on the ski report where they were bought at.

Remember to keep the receipt. For example, if your ticket is lost, we can invalidate the lost ticket and give you a new one.

Tickets cannot be replaced, changed or returned after purchase unless you can present a doctor’s certificate of an illness.

Family discount

When two parents buy lift tickets for 6–10 days, we give a 30% discount on children’s tickets of the same duration (6–17 years). The family discount does not apply to 6/7-day Super Skipass or the 5/7-day pass. The discount can be given to up to six children in the same family. The family ticket is intended for family members living in the same household. The discount is granted when all the tickets are purchased at the same time. See our other offers for families.

Super Skipasses

When you buy your Super Skipass in the Ylläs online shop, you must use it first at Ylläs in order to activate it properly. If you want to use the pass first at Levi, Pallas or Olos, please buy it at the ticket office or online shop of the ski resort in question. Please note that the opening times of the ski resorts vary. Check the opening times before you make the purchase.

Ticket office locations

The easiest place to buy lift tickets is the online shop. However, if you want to use the ticket offices, you have several options on both sides of the fell. Äkäslompolo: Main substation Y1 Service Centre,Lapland Hotels Äkäshotelli, Lapland Hotels Ylläskaltio
Ylläsjärvi: Main substation Taiga, Saaga Ski Rental, Lapland Hotels Saaga


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