Investment project

Official name of the project

Investment project that supports international growth and sustainable development

Summary of the project

The project is part of the investment programme that aims to improve the activity infrastructure of Sport Resort Ylläs. The current investment puts a strong emphasis on sustainable development. The area is also making preparations for an increase in the number of international visitors. The growth expectations are based on the large-scale hotel projects that are in progress in the area, bringing new accommodation concepts, international service brands and operators to the area.

The growth expectations are founded on the systematic development of the region. The objectives of the regional development are highly ambitious. Sport Resort Ylläs has a business growth and renewal vision that is deeply linked to this higher-level development path. The investments made within the project serve as the foundation for growing volumes. Family travel and the development of activities for international visitors are particular focus areas.

The total cost of the investment project is EUR 13 million. The project has received EUR 3,961,869 as development funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Project schedule

The project is due for completion in 2020–2022.

Euroopan unioni – Euroopan aluekehitysrahasto
Vipuvoimaa EU:lta 2014–2020
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