Bike Park rules


Check the functionality of your equipment. Always wear a helmet. Other protective equipment are recommended.

Choose the route and pace according to your skill level and the conditions. Get to know the performance locations in advance. If necessary, avoid the obstacles.

Pass other people moving on the routes from a sufficient distance. Those coming from above and behind always dodge.

Stay on the route, don’t change it or take shortcuts.

Only stop in places where you can be easily noticed, preferably off the road. If you’re coming back uphill, climb off-piste.

Take care of yourself and others!

Driving on the routes under the influence of intoxicants is prohibited.

You always drive at your own risk.

It is everyone’s duty to help in case of an accident. Report accidents to the staff immediately.

Always follow the signs and instructions of the staff. The staff has the right to remove the lift pass from a person who does not follow the rules.

The child may not be transported on the bike in seats, chest packs or other racks.


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